STELION Supply Network

Solution for decentralized distribution and supply of green hydrogen

The adoption of renewable hydrogen, especially in vehicles, is heavily reliant on the presence of an extensive network of refueling and supply points. However, the development of this global network demands substantial investment and time, making it challenging to harness this emissions-free energy carrier effectively.


In order to provide an efficient solution to this challenge, we’ve introduced STELION Supply Network. A system designed to establish a decentralized network for hydrogen generation and distribution, thus facilitating its usage across a wide range of applications.

Innovation makes the difference



At Hydros Power, research and development are in our DNA. A testament to this is our plug-and-play hydrogen capsules, which enable us to achieve a scalable and cost-effective hydrogen supply. This is primarily achieved by completely eliminating the high costs associated with conventional hose supply cooling.


Our self-contained refueling station allows for recharging the capsules through on-site hydrogen generation or direct coupling to any available external hydrogen source.

STELION Supply Network para la generación y suministro de hidrógeno en puertos marítimos
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