STELION Powertrain

Fuel cell hybrid energy systems
with improved efficiency

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The decarbonization of mobility through hydrogen competes with the current lithium-ion battery technology. While these batteries are suitable for vehicles with low energy storage needs (light vehicles, scooters, bicycles, etc.), they may not be as well-suited for vehicles with high energy requirements. Hydrogen, in particular, gains a significant advantage in captive fleets of vehicles that must operate continuously. A perfect example is logistics forklifts. At Hydros Power, we understand this, which is why we’ve developed STELION Powertrain.

Practical and scalable

Compatible with today's electric vehicle designs

Our modular energy storage system, when combined with STELION Supply Network, enables the easy decarbonization of all types of logistics vehicle fleets. We aim to be practical and scalable, which is why our system is compatible with 90% of existing electric forklift models. STELION Powertrain can replace any type of battery with a straightforward retrofit, allowing our customers to increase their fleet’s productivity by 200% without the need to acquire new vehicles – it’s that simple.
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Zero Emissions

STELION Powertrain produce cero emisiones nocivas. El empleo del sistema STELION Powertrain erradica los gastos relacionados con la gestión y el almacenamiento de sustancias peligrosas presentes en los procesos de las baterías, lo que conduce a una disminución de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero al erradicar la necesidad de cargar las baterías.
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Increased Productivity

Forklifts relying on battery power experience a decline of around 15% in speed during the latter part of the battery charge. The STELION powertrain system, on the other hand, maintains a constant power supply to the forklift, even in freezer environments. This ensures that a fuel cell forklift can maintain top speed throughout the shift.
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Lower Operational Costs

STELION Powertrain system eliminates the need for battery replacement, recharging and maintenance. Concerns about battery degradation are eliminated as these units consistently deliver 100% power to the truck and can be refuelled in less than three minutes, significantly minimising vehicle and personnel downtime.

No PPE Required

Unlike batteries, fuel cells contain no harmful substances such as lead or acid. This means there is no risk of acid spillage, no need for ventilation and no need for personal protective equipment (PPE). STELION Powertrain system provides a safer working environment overall.

Patented System

STELION Powertrain system integrates our patented anti-vibration system, which eliminates all adverse effects of vibrations on the fuel cell: efficiency losses, maintenance requirements, and hydrogen leaks.

Enhanced with Machine Learning

Increases the efficiency of hydrogen consumption by 20%
and the lifetime of the fuel cell by 38%.

In our pursuit of providing the most efficient solution possible, we’ve developed energy optimization software that can potentially increase hydrogen consumption by 20% and the lifetime of the fuel cell by 38%.

More information coming soon
Stelion Chip

A fuel cell module for everything

Hydrogen off-grid generator power

The STELION Powertrain System provides also a zero-emissions alternative to conventional diesel-powered generators. This clean power solution is ideal for a variety of off-grid power applications, including construction sites, outdoor events and underground mining, providing a zero-emission power source.
Logistics & machinery
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Energy back-up
STELION-PowertrainEnergy back-up
Aerial mobility
Disaster relief
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Take your processes to the next level

Say hi to green hydrogen!

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Unbelievably quiet

Work with improved cleanliness and comfort. Free from noise and lingering diesel odour
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A reduced maintenance

The system operates without any moving parts or oil recirculation.
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Smart and user friendly

Intuitive controls designed for ease of use with embedded intelligence to ensure a seamless user experience


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